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1990 To tap the growth of the telecommunications sector worldwide, KESU incorporated KESCOMS to develop, manufacture and market communications equipment.
1991 The representative office of Kestronics (HK) in Taiwan was upgraded to a branch office.
1992 The Group expanded into the semiconductor testing business when it set up a 51 per cent, owned joint venture in Singapore with Rood Testhouse, one of Europe’s largest semiconductor testing service companies. Rood Testhouse is listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. The joint venture company, KRT, commenced operations in April 1993 as the first independent test laboratory in Singapore.
1993 The Group undertook a restructuring exercise in preparation for the flotation of Sunright in Singapore and the flotation of KESMI in Malaysia.
  With the sale of KESCOMS in August 1993, the Group ceased its involvement in the communications business, which is a non-core activity, to streamline its range of business activities.
1994 On October 1994, Sunright was listed on the Stock Exchange of Singapore Limited.
  KESM was listed on the Second Board of the KLSE.
1995 Sunright entered into a joint venture agreement with KESMI and Rood Testhouse International, N.V. (“RTI”) to set up semiconductor testing plant in Malaysia on July 11 – KESM Rood Technology (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.
  Kestronics (S) had established a representative office in Philippines to serve the growing customer base for semiconductor, OEM & computers network sector on 1 August.
1997 Sunright set up a wholly-owned subsidiary company in Manila, Philippines, known as Kestronics Philippines, Inc. on 19 March to provide the wholesale and distribution of high-tech electronics equipment & materials.
  Sunright established a wholly-owned subsidiary company in Hong Kong – KES Systems & Service (Hong Kong) Limited on 14 April mainly engaged in burn-in services.
  KESU won the first award given by PRISM, a division of the semiconductor product group of Motorola.
  KESU established a branch office in Korea to provide technical support & service to KESU’s customers in Korea on 19 April.
  KES (93) set up a representative office in Philippines to serve the growing semiconductor market on 14 August.
  Sunright had terminated its Taiwan joint venture agreement with Rood Testhouse International, N.V. and increase its stake in testing business on 25 August.
  Sunright had established a wholly-owned subsidiary company in Shanghai, China, known as Kestronics (Electronics Shanghai Pudong New Area) Co. Ltd. and mainly engaged in electronics distribution business on 8 December.
1998 Sunright acquired shares in KES Rood Technology Pte Ltd from RTI.
1999 Sunright acquired shares in KESM Rood Technology (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd & KES Rood Technology Taiwan Ltd from RTI.